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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  September 15, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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we are live at the scene with a look at the action. reporter: right across the street, a frightening afternoon for at least one driver. they were driving here a long baltimore avenue, and somehow, into the ended off and creek. you can see that red volvo. creek area.into the now, according to witnesses, they say there were two w vehicles that were involved in this. now, exactly what led up to all of this is still part of the investigation. talked to police about how exactly this happened, but we do know army reservists jumped into action. they say they heard a loud noise and came across the street, and that is when they noticed the first car, and they got a little closer, and it was the second car down the embankment, and
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they immediately jumped into action. >> there was another gentleman there. .e was also helping as he was opening the door or , they to open the door that wasut the driver in there, and we carried her out, and after we carried her out, we took her to the curb. brianne: we do understand that she was said to be speaking to paramedics but was very shaken up at the time. you can see how close the building is to wear that happened, and what led up to that car being here in the creek is still under investigation. again, we have reached out to police to see if any charges will be filed. jonathan: a lucky break. a busudents killed in crash in houston. this is horrible, kimberly.
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kimberly: a horrible sight for any parent, and this is what the accident looked like. it can see the bus lying on side, and we learned two student in that crash are now dead, two others seriously injured. here is what happened. an overpass,n heading to a local high school, and a driver overcorrected, flipping the bus on the freeway, landing on the road below. >> i do not know what happened. it went over and hit it and , and cars started stopping. kimberly: now, we did check and the bus passed inspection in june. it did have seen else, which is rare for these buses, and it cameras, andrity
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police did talk to the drivers of the bus and the car, and no one was arrested or charged with any crime, but such a tragedy, two young lives lost. kimberly souter. jonathan: thank you, kimberly. threatening to attack pope francis in the united states, a boy arrested in philadelphia, and they say the teenager wanted to launch what was called an -style attack, and the plans, we are told, would just in the aspirational stage with nothing specific planned. and, of course, the united states secret service is the lead agency in charge to make sure the people visit is safe, and his desire to be close to the people will be a major security challenge. pope francis is a living, walking, breathing
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symbol of the catholic church, whose stories have endeared him to millions and made him a target. >> there have been massive amounts of planning and coordination in advance of these events. the moment he lands on u.s. soil, he will be under the supervision of the secret service, and all three legs, including philadelphia and d.c., are designated secret service is events. >> it falls under the umbrella, and it is everyone attending the event, the general public, that fall under our umbrella, and that is why you will see so much security. reporter: traveling to the vatican to meet with the card, who, in turn, made multiple trips to the district with the intense, layered security planning. putzours that pope francis in here will put multiple law enforcement agencies to the test. wei am absolutely confident
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will have no issue. reporter: the entire d.c. police department will be mobilized during the stay, and they will mobilize the secret service and be out in full force in the districts, and routine service will not be interrupted, and the secret service says they are aware of ongoing crime issues in the city occurring in and around the event night. do you worry about his safety here in the united states? >> not too much. reporter: details of the security plan cannot be released, but there is one thing that is clear. pope francis likes to be near the people. >> it is no different than the president. >> with accessibility comes danger, and if you get close to the people, you can be close to harm, as well. jonathan: this morning, 100 women set off on a pilgrimage to the nation, leaving from new
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100, pennsylvania, to walk and our washington dc, colleague, suzanne kennedy, was with them. suzanne: starting this journey leaving from york, pennsylvania, participants coming from all over the united states, and some are immigrants, and some of the immigrants are undocumented. they will walk 100 miles in those few days for immigration reform attention. >> the immigration system is to find ad we need humane way so that every person can live their lives out in dignity here in america. suzanne: the group will arrive in washington, d.c., on the same wills the pope, and they no doubt be weary from their long pilgrimage, but they will be invigorated by the awareness they have brought to immigration reform. from york, pennsylvania, suzanne kennedy.
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meanwhile, commuters may have to find a new way into work next week during the april visit, affecting crystal city, washington, d.c., and other areas on wednesday and thursday, so take note of that, but there will be access from the west falls church metro station. you can find information about on pope's visit as long -- and coming up at 4:45 today, a ticket surprise for some hopeful the head of the pope's arrival, and then a look at what makes this pope's visit different from those that come before him, and then at 8:00, two and in for an abc 7 special, the people spoke in d.c.
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jonathan? jonathan: we are now two for two with the weather, and chief meteorologist doug hill joins us. the: looking outside from l4 furniture weather center, it looks like postcards or stock photographs. live images. just another day of gorgeous sunshine, and it is not going to change anytime soon, so let's get you into it. this is at reagan national airport. in fredericksburg. early tomorrow morning, another cool start, especially in our western viewing areas. 53 in frederick and urbana. in berkeley springs. inside the beltway, we should be in the upper 50's in most areas. tomorrow's forecast, just like today. 86 degrees. and with this picture-perfect weather, maybe you can share
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some of your photographs with us, and you can keep up with a updatet and get a text alert, like the one i just sent out a few minutes ago. instructions, and you can receive our stormwatch seven forecast and updates. that is it, and more about the weekend. thank you. meanwhile, a drill taking place in falls church. this afternoon and evening, the city of falls church is planning a training exercise, so do not be surprised if you see a lot of officers and police cars specifically a long a street. jonathan: a deadly bombing at alabama,st church in the anniversary, marking a turning point in the civil rights movement, and two years later, selma, alabama, became a focus, and people have been taking part in an 860 mile walk from selma to d.c., and stephen
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tschida is live at the lincoln memorial. that is where the walk ended. ephen: yes, jonathan, it is called the journey for justice, and we caught up with them as they traversed the memorial years, and it has been 50 since the passage of the voting rights act, but they are also calling for a number of changes, as browsing things and innumerable lives ridding some of the causes for the president and ceo of the naacp. anwe are marching to bring racial profiling and strengthening of the voting rights act, raising the minimum wage from the base of the economy to being a living wage. hen: now, some of the people who marched into the city today was spread out across the
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district. the focus of capitol hill tomorrow, and there, they will lobby for their causes, trying to get legislators behind them and pushing for the changes they want to see made. now, we also have to point out the democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders was a part of this march. reporting live, stephen tschida. jonathan: thank you. coming for us at 4:00, a rush. quite a battle with nature. jonathan: that is governor brown in california talking about the fires. fires asto contain the they burn out of control. and seeing the forest through the trees, a push to get some planted. plus, residents and a number of shopping carts like this one ending up in their neighborhoods. now, a push to get the problem fixed.
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we want to remind you, if you see breaking out there, share it with us.
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just e-mail them. obviously, our crews cannot be everywhere at once, but with your help, we can bring you all of the news from all across our region, and you know, it was a view were like you that draw our attention to a problem. now, seven is on your side, and kevin lewis explains what is going on. forget yous hard to live near a major shopping center when people are leaving dislodged carts in your front lawn, a problem for people living near the wheaton mall. the side bus stops and even in the street. >> it is not something that will be solved overnight. kevin: it focuses on this. into streams nearby. he has also picked them up, he said, from the middle of the road.
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they are not just a blight. they are kind of a safety hazard. kevin: the map shows the shopping carts over the last year. the area with the most? costco, giant, and target. now looking to hire a third party vendor to pick up the carts on a monthly if not weekly basis. will also set up an e-mail account, where residents can complain about deserted carts. frustrating, you know, definitely frustrating to see the shopping carts there. it is not something that can be solved overnight. kevin: and there is new technology that allows locks, which means it goes off the property, the wheels lock. they say this is not an option eliminatehat could cross store shopping. kevin lewis, abc 7 news.
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a look attaking traffic, things moving ok? reporter: it is not terrible, but it is not great. gleneagles drive near leisure world, right at leisure world boulevard where we see a lot of police on his seen it with the activity from the earlier fire. it is out right now, but, again, you may see some activity. we areking about what seeing on the beltway as well as 66, on the beltway, you drop down into about 28 miles an hour, and in falls church, the capital beltway, getting towards the american legion bridge, you are in the teens. hitting close to 270, and from the bridge, that will take you about 11 minutes. and right near seven locks, you get a good idea that both the inner loop and outer look, we teboweing some volume, volume that we do have. let's go back to the map.
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the congestion is near benning road, and it is a little heavier. we do have a pedestrian involved, but along the national mall, not bad at all. that is a look at traffic this afternoon. back to you. jonathan: all right, jamie, thank you. forcing some schools to close, a method for cloud seeding to clear this air. indonesia is intensifying efforts to put out forest fires that are causing this problem. all kinds of fires. thesick, it dirty white -- haze is partwhite of land clearing. and look what is happening here. the valley fire, it is called, is only 10% contained, which means it is not really contained, and it is tearing through 62,000 acres, and they
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say a woman died when she was unable to escape her home in middletown in time. was spared,ne house but his daughter's house was destroyed. >> i am a fireman. what do you do? you have to keep working. i talked to my wife last night, to notre was no reason keep working, so that is what we are doing. jonathan: you can see his bloodshot eyes. are working. nearly 23,000 people have been displaced as a result, and this comes as more evacuation orders are lifted for the butte fire, another fire, and the wind has not really even started kicking in yet. alison: and you are right, with his eyes. to: we are enjoying day after day of sunshine and try weather, and we are not officially in a drought, that in some areas we
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have had only a little over an inch of rain, and we will see our chances of brushfires increase day by day until we get some rain, and there is none of that in the forecast, and the in time will increase. looking at a time lapse from germantown, this from the weatherbug headquarters in germantown this morning, just above the ground at sunrise, turning into a beautiful day, and not even fair weather clouds, just some high-level cirrus clouds, and the next day, and the next day, and probably the next day and the next day. that is the pattern we are in. 80 now inreville, silver spring. check this out. chilly starta very in berkeley county, west 51 in silver spring. now, tomorrow morning, another morning. not quite as cool as this morning, but waking up to the
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d4, 56 in leesburg, about 63 in annapolis, and probably 60 in downtown washington. as we get through the temperatures, once again, the numbers speak for themselves. there he cool and comfortable numbers. the 80's to the south, and that is because the high pressure is still to our west, but over the next couple of days, the high pressure will move eastward, and as it does, it will cause the temperatures to go up. period ae a prolonged pleasant temperatures, but the dry weather may come at a cost, the check out the next several days. sunshine, sunshine, and then more sunshine. slightest chance of a few sprinkles. i think it will do is give us cooler temperatures and probably no rain at all, and look at that, we may go 7, 8, 9, or 10 it isithout rain, so enjoyable for games after school, but another thing we have to worry about is when the brush get too drive.
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-- dry. jonathan: and fires. find out what one fast food chain is getting ready to offer you now. but first -- >> i am appalled, but -- alison: we talked about this yesterday, a mother photographed breast-feeding her child in a bathroom, and she is speaking out.
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hearingtoday, we are from a mother of a two month old who was forced to breast-feed a baby and a bathroom. this is at a marshalls store, and this picture is now trending all around the country. reporter: she is taking a stand for moms everywhere. >> we have rights. we can breast-feed where we want to. reporter: but that is not the case. photograph was snapped of her breast-feeding her daughter in a bathroom at a marshalls store in portland. it looks like you were sitting on a toilet. >> i was coming because she is heavy. i did not want to sit on the
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floor. report on she says she ended up sitting on the toilet after asking an employee if she could breast-feed in a dressing room. -- reporter: she posted the picture on facebook, turning her shame into encouragement. it has been shared many times. >> with breast-feeding and to ,ncourage women to breast-feed so for me not to say anything, , would behis up almost denied what i do. reporter: it also caused a group of moms who she does not know to claim their right and stage and advance at a marshalls store. she now says she wants
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to have an apology from the company, even though the company has reached out to her privately, and they have said it is policy to let women breast-feed as they choose in their stores, and they are reinforcing that policy now with all of their employees. today is asking this, do you think women should be allowed to breast-feed interesting rooms? we will share answers with you later on this hour. every parent has taken a video of their kids dancing, but find out how one mother's joy is landing her in trouble with the law. making big news in his race for president, but environment list say it is time known in amake it big way. i am jeff goldberg.
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announcer: you are watching abc 7 news at 4:00, on your side. you may remember that donald trump cause a stir when he cut down hundreds of trees along the river, and now he wants to have some replanted in
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one area. jeff goldberg is live to explain. where we are standing right now, the entrance to the golf course does not look like a much. it is on a secondary road, but there is a petition directed at donald trump having to deal with a large section of land inside the golf club along a large stretch along the potomac river. this is the land you are looking at from poolesville, maryland. this is the vantage point we are looking at, and five years ago as was mentioned, donald trump cleared nearly 500 trees and shrubs along the shoreline to give golfers and unobstructed view of the river. environmentalists were furious with the move, saying that removing the trees created sediment erosion, poor water watery, and also poor quality for millions of people in the region, so the potomac conservancy has started a
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petition, calling on him to make amends and donate 500 mature trees to be planted in parks across the region, and so far, the petition has more than 500 pitchers. we did try reaching out multiple times to members at the golf club through e-mail and phone calls and have not heard a we dide to this, but speak with some people who are very passionate with things on the potomac river and spend a lot of time on the river. they had strong thanks to say about this, not only the clearing but the petition moving forward, and we will have much more on that coming up at 6:00. live in sterling, jeff goldberg. jonathan: thank you. and talking about golf, not a bad day to hit the links. hey, doug.
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doug: day after day after day, our only chance of rain is just and latehance, saturday, early sunday, we are not even including that in our forecast for 84 degrees now in bethesda at congressional country club, and we will just continue to enjoy beautiful sunshine. temperatures in the 70's this evening with light and variable winds. we will start off early in the morning with temperatures in the 50's with clear skies and sunshine throughout the day. still a warming trend. by friday and saturday, humidity levels maybe up a bit, but a small increase, and by the time we get to sunday and monday, the cold front is turning cooler. and then back to the 70's. a long stretch of dry weather. that to you. jonathan: thank you. europeanopments in the refugee crisis which is out of control. a surge of refugees stuck on the
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border with serbia, and nearly all crossings have been stopped, closed completely, and hungary's razor wire fence has stop them from crossing, and anyone who does now faces up to three years in prison, and they plan to extend that offense to the romanian border, and they are calling for a special eu summit to discuss this crisis. alison: the threat of another government shutdown is going on, and the sticking point seems to be funding for planned parenthood. if they cannot make a deal on the budget by october 1, we could see a partial shutdown. of course, we will keep you updated on the progress of these legit talks. now, an: trending pennsylvania woman just wanted to share a video of her daughter prince song. taking on a media giant
4:35 pm
and winning. reporter: it is the kind of video that parents post to youtube every day, but this is at the center of a legal battle, putting the mother against the universal music group. universal music claiming that the tune she is dancing to, crazy," wast's go covered by copyright law and that she violated the law when she posted the video, and the powerhouse demanded that she pull it down, and she spoke about the takedown soon after. like being accused of something i did not do. reporter: and she was claiming fair use to the song before betube demanding the video taken down, and a court sided
4:36 pm
with her and said that universal should have considered her rights first. abc news, new york. all right, while we are talking about some little ones, how about this incredible story? 25 euros in russia are in trouble after reportedly tunneling out of their preschool to try to buy a car. yes, it gets crazy. were on aung boys quest to buy a jaguar sports car. they were digging under a fence and then walked more than a mile to this luxury car showroom. took them to police, who are now investigating the ordeal. jonathan: what the parents must be like at home. what does dad do for a living? and then you have to break out of the place first. that is in genius.
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all right, coming up at 4:00 -- >> president, whatever. jonathan: think again, buddy.
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showdown.tomorrow's anding down with cap are more from simi valley, california, with how he is repairing. report: jonathan, good to see you, as well. he has a good career, and he has had many important assignments, but he tells me that tomorrow's assignment might be the biggest yet. residents andewed covered the white house. he is an award-winning journalist and best-selling author. rednesday night, jake tappe might be on his biggest stage yet. : it is a dream, someone who was a political junkie growing up.
4:41 pm
showter: he moderates the "state of the union." he is used to asking tough questions, and 11 of them will be on the stage all at once. you have 11 candidates and a lot of issues, and there is no way we can get everything. he hopes to find ways to get the candidates to challenge each other with the goal of finding differences between their positions. will there be an opportunity with such a large group for the candidates to engage? are you going to let that happen? jake: we hope soap. reporter: and there is the emergence of the gop front runner, donald trump, an unconventional candidate, but pper will not mean ta treat him differently. treati treat him like i
4:42 pm
senator ted cruz and carly fiorina and others. report: months of preparation in the nextgether major moment in the race for the white house. his preparation is one thing. the cnn team has a pretty important responsibility, as well. have to get the reagan library ready for television, and when you watch the debate, they will be right in front of air force one at the reagan library behind me, but that plane is high above me. ony had to buy -- build this 32 feet of scaffolding. it will be a pretty dynamic setting tomorrow night. jonathan? jonathan: that is a beautiful and the republican voters showing their preference for a specific type of candidate -- what can you tell us about that? report: it seems like they do not want career politicians.
4:43 pm
that is what the early polls are showing, people like jeb bush and marco rubio, people who have built their careers in politics. they are at the bottom of the polls, and it is people like donald trump and carly fiorina. they are doing well in the polls, and all three of them have not held elected office, and there seems to be distrust among the republican party of elected politicians, and whether that holds, we will have to see. jonathan: maybe they just like the outsiders and ryan, thank you. brad bell is also in simi valley, and his live reports begin tomorrow on abc seven news at 5:00. and still to come on at to come here at 4:00 -- >> for quite some time. alison:
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a 7 on your side
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consumer alert gone ahead you will like to hear this if you like taco bell, serving wine, even mixeder, drinks. this will be in chicago. appetizers will be and a mural by a local artist and even an open kitchen. a similar location will look at -- open in san francisco. jonathan: nothing better to wash down a chalupa than a pinot noir. and this happen. a smart bear. cub was not just caught in the act, it was caught on camera. >> something to eat. it is pizza. jonathan: neighbors say this is they believethat are just out looking for food.
4:48 pm
this one appeared to have a thing for pizza. and three lucky kids are getting to see the pope. found outd they just about it this morning. our john gonzales has more about the big surprise. john: no average day at the catholic school in silver spring, the balloons and cutout youope francis telling that, and it will be something they will not forget. >> it will be such a great successor of peter face-to-face. john: monsignor bartholomew smith walked in with one ticket for her for next week's historic papal mass. what i go to confession every mind. i beat spanish fluently. john: two others were also selected. look at his expression.
4:49 pm
>> this is a really big moment for him. >> the catholic church. gets to begnor smith on the altar at the basilica. >> it is wonderful to welcome and ourher to our city country. he has never been to the united states before. john: but there is actually a fourth tickets, one more to give away, one more big surprise here. >> what do you think if we sent mr. lee to be the teacher? lee was also caught off guard. >> to see the joy of the gospel in action and to be a part of that. all right, and we want to ask you to join us tomorrow night for a special preview of the pope's the visit. watch at 8:00, "the people's pope in d.c.," only here.
4:50 pm
and the debate of the woman who was breast-feeding in a public place. nearly 200 of and you have already commented on a momce book age after was forced to breast-feed in a bathroom stall after a marshals employee refused to let her go into a dressing room. not up forsays it is discussion. she is allowed to feed her baby, so the bottom line is that 's broke the law. she should not be told to coverup up as long if she is legally allowed to be there. and another person says that she should be able to breast-feed out in front of the dressing room and add "ugh" at the end. jonathan: we really did not get any comments on the other side of this.
4:51 pm
everyone was on the same side of the mom. alison: a lot of support. more on ourys find abc 7 facebook page. jonathan: a storm went through utah, a warble situation, and a ninth of victim found this afternoon. four others missing. and childrenen swept away when a wall of debris hit them from behind. just three of them got pulled to safety alive. >> the flash flood was so significant, it overwhelmed them and push them into the channel. the vehicles were rolled several hundred yards down the street. thethan: some are still in hospital, and search teams are still looking in the area, but more rain is expected to just complicate the efforts. let's switch gears and look at our weather. doug? doug: still no shines of rain.
4:52 pm
let's focus on saturday and sunday. it will be 87 degrees with quite a bit of sunshine on saturday, and that a cold front is going to go through, so i sunday afternoon, it will be cooler. there is this month -- much of a chance. that is good news for everyone heading out for the airship to see the thunderbirds, unlimited, unrestricted, and it will be a bit warm with a little bit of a breeze and sunshine, 80 i've been 89 degrees. looking ahead for the next seven and then restart a bit of a warm-up, and then things cool down. no rate in the forecast, and maybe no rain for seven days -- forecast, and maybe no rain for seven days. jamie: nothing out of the ordinary. let's start off in virginia.
4:53 pm
this volume is the heavy traffic making its way through woodbridge, and getting to stafford county, past aquia harbor, and moving to the d.c. area, moving in a little bit a crash just cleared away on the freeway right at the 11th street bridge. take a look. get ready for that congestion trying to leave the city, and the volume on the interlude getting from virginia into maryland. that is a look at traffic. jamie, we appreciate that. jamie, we appreciate that. and coming up on abc
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jonathan: well, be thankful you were not on this flight. a woman is accused of starting a
4:57 pm
flight -- fight, causing it to be diverted. investigators say the woman another passenger and then a flight attendant. marcy gonzales has more on this story. ci: a passenger escorted off the plane in handcuffs following one unruly outburst after another. >> she was disoriented through the entire flight. she started kicking the seat of the passenger in front of her, and he turned around to complain, and she hit him. attendantlight intervened. like all of a sudden, she grabbed her by the face, kissed her, and then punched her on the face. the authorities were alerted. one passenger called it the most scared i have ever been in my
4:58 pm
life. the flight from miami to chicago diverted, landing instead in indianapolis. >> what do you mean? marcy: she reportedly put up a fight until the end, authorities saying she even take a police officer or before finally being put in the back of the patrol car. she faces charges including battery and disorderly conduct and could face tens of dollars in fines from the faa. gonzalez, abc 7 news. reporter: coping with a tragedy. and a frightening rollover accident turns a group of army reservists into first responders.
4:59 pm
and -- >> this is a problem that is a stain, a stain on our collective soul. anchor: hoping for a face-to-face meeting with pope francis. news atr: now, abc 7 5:00, on your side. we learned an amtrak train hit a car. anchor: missing a standout student. our montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is live to explain how things are being remembered. leon and ahere, lison. they say it was hard to find a stranger in the school of 2000 students. today, students learned a fast-moving amtrak train and yesterdaytudent
5:00 pm
afternoon, only two hours after classes let out. he was walking along >> we tried to make the day as normal as possible. was remembered as a with a wonderful personality. students work coyote blue to , who was agi standout it cap rallies and games. >> everybody knew him. outgoing.t he was a good friend to everybody. >> he was very quiet in the hallways and in the classroom. it was heartbreaking for everybody. everybody was crying. remains, how did he get hit by a loud train on a crystal-clear day?


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